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Lasting Color Nail Enamel

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100% genuine product
Brand: Topface
Gender: Female
Orgin: Turkey
7days stay time
Lightweight formula
Vivid Color
Comfortable Wear Topface presents its New Topface Lasting Color series with 104 stunning and saturated lasting colors. With its intense colors long lasting coverage it offers a wellgroomed manicure.Thanks to its special brushthe enamel perfectly spreads on nails leaving an exclusive long lasting color


PT-104.001, PT-104.002, PT-104.005, PT-104.006, PT-104.007, PT-104.010, PT-104.012, PT-104.013, PT-104.014, PT-104.015, PT-104.017, PT-104.019, PT-104.021, PT-104.022, PT-104.023, PT-104.025, PT-104.026, PT-104.027, PT-104.029, PT-104.030, PT-104.031, PT-104.032, PT-104.034, PT-104.035, PT-104.036, PT-104.037, PT-104.038, PT-104.039, PT-104.040, PT-104.042, PT-104.043, PT-104.044, PT-104.045, PT-104.046, PT-104.048, PT-104.049, PT-104.052, PT-104.053, PT-104.057, PT-104.060, PT-104.062, PT-104.063, PT-104.065, PT-104.066, PT-104.072, PT-104.073, PT-104.076, PT-104.077, PT-104.078, PT-104.079, PT-104.081, PT-104.082, PT-104.084, PT-104.086, PT-104.087, PT-104.088, PT-104.089, PT-104.75


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